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Hotel Ognisty Ptak***

Located in Masuria, it is a perfect place to relax, organize special events, team-building trips or business training. Combines what is seemingly incompatible - comfort and luxury, but away from the city and close to nature. The unique atmosphere, modern and stylish interior and exceptional service are undeniable advantages of the hotel, as well as its location - in the heart of Masuria by the Święcajty lake. An ideal place for families with children and all those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, actively spend time, take care of health and beauty, and above all - relax. Many attractions await guests, the Institute of Wellness & amp; SPA and extensive sports and recreational facilities. Comfortable rooms and year-round bungalows, excellent cuisine and conference infrastructure make the Ognisty Ptak a unique hotel in Masuria.

We also offer:

  • restaurant overlooking the lake,
  • Karaka tavern,
  • relaxation area: indoor swimming pool, paddling pool for children with water attractions, jacuzzi, sauna, tropical garden
  • SPA institute
  • the yacht port of the Święcajty lake,
  • sport and recreational equipment rental
  • outdoor gym
  • beach volleyball court,
  • a playroom with a two-level monkey grove (ball pool, slide and other attractions) and an outdoor pirate playground


Hotel Ognisty Ptak *** is located on the route from Giżycko to Węgorzewo, in Ogonki, 35 km from the Kętrzyn-Wilamowo airport and 270 km from Warsaw.


Year-round Hotel Ognisty Ptak *** - offers a total of 120 beds. We offer our guests six elegant rooms located in the main one part of the hotel. The convenience and comfort of rest are complemented by the possibility of using both single and double rooms.


Located on the route of the Great Masurian Lakes. The high standard, the necessary infrastructure and the quality of the services provided make the port a popular destination by experienced sailors, motorboats and water sports enthusiasts. In addition, we provide a well-stocked rental of various water and motorboat equipment (water scooters, motor sailing boats, fishing boats, kayaks, pedal boats, etc.) and professional motor boat service.


Conferences and training for companies are our specialty. We tried to prepare an attractive, interesting offer, guided by the specificity of the industry and responding to the needs customers. We have five modern, air-conditioned conference rooms with multimedia equipment.


Hotel Ognisty Ptak *** is an ideal place for conferences, trainings, small business meetings, as well as organization of company events. We have our own logistics facilities and extensive experience in the implementation of such projects as:

  • Galas and anniversaries
  • Gala dinners and banquets
  • Thematic feasts (sailing, Hawaiian, Old Polish feast and others)
  • Carnival balls
  • Bonfires with roasting piglet or Grille
  • Christmas and Easter parties
  • Sports and automotive events
  • Fairs, exhibitions and presentations of new products.


If there is a SPA in Masuria, then only at Hotel Ognisty Ptak ***. A stay in this unique place and atmosphere can change many lives and initiate many beneficial ones changes in health and beauty. We recommend the SPA offer to anyone who wants to combine a holiday in Masuria with useful treatments for the spirit and body. For this purpose, we provide our guests with a relaxation zone and the SPA Beauty Institute, in particular:

  • indoor counter-current pool,
  • paddling pool for children with water attractions
  • jacuzzi,
  • sauna,
  • tub with cold water
  • tropical garden
  • two beauty salons,
  • three massage parlors


The playroom in our Hotel is a colorful paradise for children. Time spent here is a combination of active rest and fun. Little ones can use their inexhaustible energy on a two-level play structure designed with the safety and fun of children in mind.

We cordially invite you to our outdoor gym, located at Tawerna Karaka on the very shore of Lake Święcajty. Surrounded by beautiful countryside you can take care of your fitness and figure while relaxing in the bosom of nature.

The ski resort is located in the village of Okrągłe near Orzysz on Skomack Mały lake. The lift, situated on the picturesque slope of the observation hill, is surrounded by lakes and forests. At guests' disposal: 3 downhill runs (ROUTE I- 400 m, ROUTE II - 700 m m, ROUTE III- 300 m), training ski area - 100 m.

Ice rink in the port of Hotel Ognisty Ptak *** on a frozen lake, where appropriate weather conditions. A natural ice rink on a heavily frozen lake is fun for young and old. In addition to skating, we can enjoy the beautiful Masurian views and fresh air. After spending time actively at the ice rink, the restaurant invites you to warming coffee, tea or mulled wine just in time for cold days.

Hotel Ognisty Ptak *** is not only rooms and bungalows. We offer Masurian atmosphere at the evening bonfire on the lake shore. The sound of reeds and water running down to the quay will make us feel like we are at a feast Masuria.

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Hotel Ognisty Ptak***

11-600 Węgorzewo
ul. Sztynorcka 6, Ogonki

tel.: +48 (87) 427-28-79
fax: +48 (87) 427-02-77

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kom.: +48 667-507-000

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